Financial Assistance

  • Financial aid from Central Government.
  • National Scholarship.
  • Scholarship for Children of freedom fighters.
  • National Talent Scholarship.
  • Govt. of India Hindi Scholarship.
  • Financial aid from State Government.
  • Senior college merit scholarship.
  • Post-Matric scholarship for SC/ST students from TRW Department.
  • Scholarship for Teacher’s children.
  • Scholarship for OH/PH students.
  • Scholarship for sons and daughters of workers of iron-are mines of Orissa.
  • Youth Red Cross Scholarship.
  • Financial aid given by the College.
  • Free studentship to the extent of 12.5% of total student strength.
  • Aid from(SSG/SAF) Social Service Guild / Students’ Aid Fund.
  • Merit scholarship given by Industries/Individuals.
  • Jubilee Merit scholarship awarded by Tata Iron and Steel Co.Ltd, Jamshedpur.


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